Hi, I’ve been wondering if I could post something on this website. I really want to share something regarding EHIC’s past services in our town. It will be really cool to know if I can share it with others. Thank you. 

Hello, thank you so much for thinking about sharing something with us. If you’d like to post anything, go ahead and feel free to message us at the forum section where you can literally post anything.  

Does EHIC UK post news about the activities they will do in the future or expand in other locations? If yes, where can I see them? 

Yes, we do post news about our new projects and services. It also includes details about our various events, seminars, or projects. Just go to the ‘news’ tab at the top part of this website to see various posts and updates. 

Do you also post something about your events, projects, and services be it old or new? I’ve been curious to see your past activities. If you do post them, how can I read or see it all? 

Yes, we do share the news about our past and recent events and projects. All of them are posted in the ‘projects’ tab and if ever you want to read them, just go ahead and go to that tab. 

Hello, I always wanted to join your group, however, I’m not sure how to. How can I be a part of your organization?  

Hi, we are very pleased to know that you want to be a part of our organization. If you want to join us, kindly send us your message through email which is located in our contact section. We really appreciate your will to be one of us, we will be anticipating your message and arrival, thank you!