Daniel K. 

Hello! I’m just here to share with everyone how great EHIC UK is. They came to my town a month ago and did so many services that helped out a lot of people. One of them is my family. Of course, we never got to have the chance to properly have checkups due to the lack of financial capacity but thanks to EHIC UK that did free consultations and examinations, we were able to get the medical check ups that we badly needed. It was really a good thing that they came to our place and taught us so many things as well. I’m so happy about it that I feel like telling it other people. Hopefully, EHIC UK will continue to help out more people in the future. 


David L. 

Hi, Daniel! Thank you so much for telling us how happy you are about EHIC UK. I am a part of the organization, and I’m so glad to know that we were able to do something good for your family. We appreciate your thoughts about sharing your experiences with other people. And don’t worry, the EHIC UK will keep doing more services for many people! 


Lara C. 

Same here, Daniel! They also helped me out a lot when it came to my health insurance. The organization gave me so many tips on how to get my EHIC for NHS. I’m really happy about it and I hope more people will get to experience EHIC UK’s services.  



David L. 

We are so glad to know about your satisfaction and happiness through our services, Lara. Thank you for letting us know that you were able to get your insurance card successfully because of us. We also hope that many people would get to be insured on their health as well just like you.